Asmaragama Massage (Benefits and Types)

When it comes to your bodily health, movement is one of the main aspects that comes only second to nutrition. Now there are various sources of movement.

While the general form of movement known to people is that of exercise, massages also come under the same umbrella.

There are is a wide range of massages that tackle different regions within the body and focus on the relaxation of different muscle groups. 

What are Abdominal and Pelvic Massages?

There is a different range of massages that tackle the lower back, pelvis, and abdominal region. Abdominal massages are generally a sort of advanced massage to the abdominopelvic region suited for both adults and children. The Asmaragama Massage is also one such type of abdominal massage. 

Advantages of Abdominal Massages 

For women 

They are used to treat a broad range of gastrointestinal issues like those of constipation, bloating, stomach pains, and infertility, chronic pelvic pains related to pregnancy and postpartum issues such as diastasis recti, and scar adhesions from surgeries like those of cesarean delivery, colon resection, and hernia repair, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation). 

Asmaragama massage

For men 

In men, they can be used to treat premature ejaculation, bladder issues such as overactive bladder syndrome or painful bladder syndrome, erectile dysfunction, failure to thrive, or the inability to gain weight, as well as complications from Lyme’s disease, and from stress. 

Other advantages 

The decreased mobility in the abdominopelvic organs, as well as muscles, can also cause or perpetuate the issues of chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is owed to the fact that many people hold stress in the abdominal region which can essentially cause chronic tensing of the abdominal muscles, and therefore impair blood flow along with lymphatic drainage into as well as out of the abdominopelvic cavity.

Here, the abdominal massage is proved to be a gentle procedure that is applied to the abdominopelvic muscles and viscera (organs) in a systematic motion. 

What is Asmaragama Massage? 

One famous abdominal massage that aids in improved bodily performance is that of Asmaragama Massage.

This massage focuses on the movement of the lower pelvic region and the waist by rubbing patterns that are both horizontal and vertical. This enables it to provide a wide range of benefits. 


  • Improves blood flow and fitness 

First and foremost, the Asmaragama Massage improves overall blood flow to the region of rubbing.

In this case, the lower waist and pelvic region both back and front undergo greater blood flow including a healthy amount of oxygen flow as well. As a result, the body becomes more mobile and stronger. 

  • Reduces stress

After a long day of sitting at the office, everyone needs a little pick me up. Too much sitting tends to stiffen up your back muscles since there is a general lack of movement of said muscles.

As a result, stress accumulates in your lower back and hip area. The Asmaragama Massage can help alleviate these tensions by creating muscle movements. 

  • Reduces pain

Oftentimes, too much sitting can not only induce stress but also create pain in your pelvic and lower back region.

With the aid of the movements created by the Asmaragama Massage, these chronic pains can be alleviated resulting in the overall relaxation of the area. 

  • Increases immune function

Recent Medical research has indicated that massage therapy including Asmaragama Massage can over the long run help boost immune system strength by way of increasing the activity levels of the body’s natural killer T cells, which essentially help it fight off viruses. This in turn increases immune function along the spine. 

  • Boosts mental and physical health

As you grow older, the barriers to good mental and physical health keep on increasing. This massage, like many others, helps reduce fatigue and depression by increasing blood flow and when done in continuation, may improve mental health with its calming and relaxing motions. 

  • Improved digestive health 

Since your abdominal area also inhabits your intestines, the Asmaragama Massage can also help boost your digestion.

This is because the large intestine is extensively targeted in the duration of the Asmaragama massage as it is comprised of gentle circular motions applied specifically in the direction of normal colon motility. 

  • Increases Libido 

One special benefit associated with the Asmaragama Massage is that it aids in sexual vitality and performance. The sensations created in the lower waist and pelvic area enhance feelings of comfort and intimacy.

In addition, they also promote fertility in both males and females. As a result, this massage is a great choice of activity for couples to do together.

It is also for this reason that the Asmaragama Massage is famously known as the ‘love massage’ and is a hot topic when it comes to newlywed couples. 

It is also, therefore, a massage that is readily provided in many famous honeymoon spots such as spas and resorts. So if you are a newlywed couple seeking a relaxing time on your honeymoon, be on the lookout for this massage. 

  • Helpful for menopausal and pregnant women 

The benefits of the massage aren’t just applicable to unmarried or newly married women, but also to women undergoing menopause in their late 40s and early 50s, as well as pregnant and well as postpartum women. 

Since this massage focuses on the pelvic region, the heat it generates through movement in the region can help alleviate lower abdominal pains that all those women that fit these categories might be facing due to changes in their menstrual patterns. 


The Asmaragama Massage like many other massages is essential when it comes to maintaining muscle health.

Asmaragama massage benefits

Like all areas in your body, your lower back and pelvic regions accumulate a lot of tension with the passage of time and need thorough movement to get rid of this stress.

This fact, therefore, makes the Asmaragama Massage an essential part of your physical therapy routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should an Asmaragama Massage be?

An effective Asmaragama Massage can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The most optimum time however is 20 minutes since this is ample time to target all the main pressure points. 

Can I use my own hands to perform the Asmaragama Massage on myself?

When it comes to massages you can’t really go wrong. Be sure to research the pressure points and regions that you should be targeting with your finger motions and you can safely perform this massage on your own pelvic area at home. 

Does Asmaragama Massage increase libido? 

Yes. This massage targets the lower pelvic regions and can enhance sexual vitality when done in continuation. It does this by relaxing the body and providing comfort to your naval area. 

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