How to Massage Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition in which inflammation in the thick band of foot tissue results in severe heel pain. This stabbing pain usually starts in the morning, when you gradually start to move your feet pain began to reduce a bit. But again it starts when you stand for too long or do some leg work. It’s quite common among runners and people with overweight.

How to Massage Plantar Fasciitis

If left untreated, plantar fasciitis can lead to further complications that include stabbing back and muscle pain. According to studies, foot massagers have proved to be effective for patients suffering from plantar fasciitis. It slowly works on your muscles to relieve pain and discomfort.

how to massage plantar fasciitis

Deep tissue massage is considered to be best if you are constantly feeling severe heel pain. It will not only help you get rid of excess pain but also it will heal plantar fasciitis with time. There is various sort of massagers available for foot muscle pain, they are provided with amazing features.

If you carefully select a suitable foot massager for you, it will help you have better than professional foot massage at home. You don’t have to worry about the salon’s appointments and wait for your turn. You can simply start your massage as soon as you start feeling pain.

Inflammation means the body is reacting to the strain caused by the respective muscle. The massager will remove strain and knots from your plantar fascia ligament by stimulation of nerves thereby reducing pain and swelling in no time.

Foot massagers will lessen the chronic pain caused by plantar fasciitis by releasing the strain in nerves and tightness of muscles. It boosts blood circulation towards the foot and with time, you will feel positive results. There are several foot massagers for plantar fasciitis, available in the market, you can choose the kind of massager that will give the best possible results.

Due to contracted and inflamed muscles, blood flow towards the foot is not normal that adds to the problem of the patient’s condition. Massaging the feet along with warmth can help provide much-needed relief to the patient allowing oxygenated blood flow throughout the foot. Eventually, toxins and stagnant blood leave the feet.

All the tension in fibers and ligaments can be removed easily by using a foot massager making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Knobs present on massager roll over the ligaments and muscles and release the tension in plantar fascia ligaments. Plantar fasciitis massage tools include massagers with rollers and knobs for professional style massage at home.

Trigger point massaging will help stimulate the specific areas that need working, allowing deep tissue massage towards the specific points. One of the various features these foot massagers have is the point stick attachment that enables deep drill into the areas that hurt the most.

You need to place your feet on the arch bar and starts moving it until you feel relaxed. You must move your feet such that focused parts like the metatarsal area get maximum working. Many foot massagers also have heat options that can be used for more comforting massage.

Warmth and heat play important role in stimulating oxygen-rich blood flow towards the effective area. According to reviews the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis 2021 is Belmint Shiatsu foot massager with heat as it delivers 100% results for all kinds of muscle pain.

With different modes and intensities, these massagers provide you with the ultimate and cozy massage for your muscle pain. You can choose whatever speed suits you. You can start at low speed and with time you can increase speed for a better massaging experience.

If you think your muscles and ligaments are severely damaged or inflamed it’s better, you use a foot massager at an appropriate speed so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. You must consult your physician before use as a doctor can look deeply into the matter that either you can use massager or not.

Foot massagers squeeze your feet all along to lessen the fatigue and discomfort. Massage is generally gentle on the sole and is intense on the sides of your feet. The heating feature amplifies massaging comfort by reducing stress and strain from the muscles.  

The best foot roller for plantar fasciitis makes use of rollers and knobs to offer foot massage to relieve strain and reduce the pain and discomfort of feet muscles. Shiatsu foot massager is also one of the best massagers used for heel pain and related issues. It uses a heating mechanism to get rid of pain and discomfort.

These foot massagers have inner clothing easily removable, you can remove the covering for washing to get a hygienic massage.  Mechanical foot massagers specifically reduce pain for plantar fasciitis patients. It consists of a single roller that triggers specific points and works with great efficacy.

Its rounded shape can trigger your arches to provide deep tissue massage to control pain and discomfort. Its shape is quite easy to control and it is not at all complicated in its function. Knobs do the kneading of your muscles and arches of your feet reducing stabbing pain in no time.

Most of the massagers are designed for normal feet size, so if you have large size feet you better look for the foot massager that can stretch the footpad and is designed for all sizes. With a remote control setting, it is now easy to use foot massager for plantar fasciitis as you can use it easily without bending again and again.

Most reviews state that foot massagers with heating features work best for pain and discomfort as it elevated the circulation of oxygenated and nutrients rich blood towards the feet. It is an ideal sort of feature to be used during winters, but not so likely to be used during summers.

If you are suffering from severe heel pain from plantar fasciitis it’s better, you use Best foot massager 2021 to cure your strained muscles and ligaments. It will increase blood flow towards the foot and lower the pain and ache in no time.

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