[Best] – Yamuna Foot Wakers Foot Massager Review – [Buying Guide]

Yamuna Foot Wakes review will help you a lot in purchasing the product. This foot massager is great not only in quality but also it is reliable with a decent warranty as well.

Yamuna foot wakers reviews will help a lot. As so many people are buying that product and they share their reviews. After seeing their reviews you can fully decide to choose Yamuna foot wakers. If Yamuna foot wakers reviews are good you are free to choose it.

Yamuna Foot Wakers Video Guide:-

I generally utilize this item and I generally feel good.  In the Yamuna foot wakers video, you can easily see the usage of Yamuna foot massager. After watching the complete video, you will be able to see the proper usage of Yamuna foot wakers.

I came back to the day by day utilization of this item with the expansion of a muscle chamber in my everyday schedule after watching the whole video. I generally travel with this item and I use it at whatever point I have the chance.

Yamuna Foot Wakers massager Instructions:-

Here are few instructions for operating Yamuna Foot Wakers

  • Place feet on the round-shaped foot massager
  • Massage 15 to 20 minutes before sleep
  • Place in a dry place

Best Yamuna Foot Wakers Exercises:-

These 4 exercises will be useful when you are using Yamuna foot wakers.

  • In any case, you can easily use it 8 to 10 times every day.
  • Move your feet one by one and repeat the process.
  • You can also twist your feet after placing Yamuna foot wakers.
  • I went to put on weight on my feet and I can do it! I didn’t need to creep or cry.

What are the benefits of Yamuna Foot Wakers?

I felt so great that I quit utilizing it for a while. It was a serious mix-up. Tons of benefits of Yamuna Foot Wakers. Here are a few of them:

  • Healthy feet
  • Cost is very low
  • Good for blood circulation
  • Durable for every size
  • Easy to use massagers


Brand               Yamuna

Weight              2 lbs.

Model                0502

Warranty          2 years

ASIN                   B000PJTXT0     

Rating                4.7/5

Pros and Cons:-

There are many pros and cons of Yamuna foot wakers. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Firm plastic with decent elasticity and durability
  • Quick to clean and dry
  • Perfect for young and aged people
  • Chemical-free with holistic healing
  • Orthopedic knobs are good for health
  • Air capacity is not good
  • Pressure can be felt when you use the foot massager

Yamuna Foot Waker – Buying Guide:-

This complete buying guide will help why you need to choose Yamuna foot wakers. Consistently since I keep on seeing that my strolling is better, my means are longer and the agony level is lower. There was a day when I felt no torment. It was not exactly seven days after use.

Comes with an exercise DVD:

Try not to belittle this. I haven’t seen an exercise DVD yet and they have helped my feet stretch and my face unwind. The arrival of muscle fiber is exceptionally useful in liberating your feet and calves, and these units can help keep up adaptability in the feet.

Good for Foot Diseases:

For a long time, I had foot torment because of plantar fasciitis. I crept up toward the beginning of the day lastly constrained myself to fix up. I took a remedy after a solution.


I paid a huge number of dollars to alleviate my foot torment. If you disclose to me that a $ 60 item will work, I will readily pay my cash. I am content with their essence and I presently need to keep another gathering in my office. I realize that agony is abstract and everybody responds in an unexpected way. For me, these years have liberated me from torment.

Use regularly:

Use it as regularly as conceivable at any rate a few times each day. If you endure a great deal from the outset, wear socks that will calm your torment until the agony begins to improve. The unpredictable climbs on these wheels were extremely valuable to me. They come as a team, however, I take one to work during the week.

How to choose the Yamuna Foot Wakers Foot Massager?

Yamuna foot wakers are very simple to use. It is small and pretty affordable. The features of Yamuna foot wakers are simply awesome. You need to check out the top 5 features that we found.
Let’s have a look at them.

Yamuna Foot Wakers


5 top features of Yamuna Foot Wakers are:

Good for Feet:

Along these lines, I have one at home and one busy working so I can generally take a shot at my feet without making sure to wear it in the two different ways consistently.

Calves extension:

From the outset, they hurt such a lot of that I figured I would cry, however, I simply halted and following 3 weeks of work with no recognizable torment.

Good Massage:

Indeed, it looked a little bizarre after what is so tragic and cool. This occurrence was only somewhat longer than anticipated.

Easy to use:

I attempted a great deal of things, everything helped me: stretch my calves as though it were my subsequent activity, go to the massage advisor, utilizing night support. I never attempted to sleep in it, yet I wore it while sitting in front of the TV.

Improving Feet usage:

My feet improved fundamentally for everyday light movement, however, If I strolled for a few minutes, my feet began to hurt once more.

Does Yamuna foot wakers is good for Plantar fasciitis?

Yes, Yamuna foot wakers are a very decent foot massager that is good for treating Plantar Fasciitis, agony, tremors and other food-related diseases. The rounded foot massager massages the foot well enough that helps in treating foot diseases.

Why Yamuna Foot Wakers is so popular on Youtube?

In distress, I searched for different other options. I discovered them consciously on Youtube and checked all videos. The reviews of Yamuna foot wakers on Youtube are simply stunning. People are praising that foot massager. The reason is simple as the Yamuna is very simple to use and you can place just below your feet and it will start working.

Where to buy Yamuna Foot Waker?

Yamuna Foot Wakersare not very hard to find. You can buy from amazon at the price of 54$ and from eBay at 65$.

You can also buy Yamuna foot wakers Foot Massager by clicking this link below.

Wrap up:-

So I think a ton of rock weight is incredibly, quick. The torment was generally in my curves, despite the fact that I had shivering/torment/growing on my feet. Once, I needed to sit on the walkway in certain zones and remove my shoes to massage my feet so I could limp at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Why Yamuna Foot wakers is good for you?

It truly works. I had plantar fasciitis in the two feet about a month after I began running. I was stunned as I invested the majority of my energy barefoot and had no issues with foot torment.

What are the dimensions of Yamuna foot wakers?

Height is 2.5 inches and the width is 4 inches. All in all, it is a decent foot massager for all types of feet. I likewise run and I have not harmed my feet running. I strongly suggest to them.

What is the warranty of Yamuna Foot Wakers?

One year is the warranty of Yamuna foot wakers. Yamuna foot massager is pretty durable and lasts much longer than normal massager.

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