Best Hand Massager for Arthritis

Arthritis is a medical condition that causes inflammation of joints. It varies in severity from mild to a severe state. It causes swelling, pain, and decreased mobility. It’s a very common yet, not well-understood disease. More than 10 million people all around the world suffer from various forms of arthritis. People who are suffering from this medical condition need the best hand massager for arthritis.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss some of the best hand massagers for arthritis that are used worldwide to treat arthritis. After going through this article you will have no ambiguity in the selection of a handheld massager for arthritis.

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HoMove Hand Roller Massager

Arthritis Pain Relief Massager

PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager

It uses air pressure and warm compression technology to provide you relief in no time
It gives your fingers much-needed relief and it is used for carpal tunnel, tingling and stiffness as well. It is very cheap and affordable  
It gives the best self-hand massage. It is considered to be the best massager in the market.

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

Being the best one in the market, this hand massager is in great demand as it provides relief to your arthritis in no time. It is a two-finger massage roller that is specifically designed to use it with full ease. It uses air pressure and soothing compression. It gives results just like a professional massage treatment.

 HoMove Hand Roller Massager

But interesting thing is that you don’t have to spend money to go to the salons anymore when you have these best hand massagers.

It gives a much-needed soothing effect by providing proper reflexology like kneading especially to the acupuncture points. But this one cannot be used as a thumb relieving massager.

It is provided with a touch panel that helps you adjust intensities with full ease. You can control whether you want full speed massage or a mild one.

It is designed with a specialized type of dimple that gives full coverage and helps you use massager with safety. You can also select Palm mode if you think finger rollers are too tight around your fingers.

It gives full comprehensive massage, wrist area massage improves blood circulation, and is soothing for your palm.


  • It has optional inside warm settings
  • Provides three intensities
  • Built-in air pressure inflation and deflation
  • Also a hand palm roller
  • Provides warranty
  • With the help of touch control, you can use this massager easily.
  • You can select the level of massage you want.
  • Promotes blood circulation and soothes your muscles.
  • It is quite expensive to buy.

Arthritis Pain Relief Massager

This hand massager for arthritis is very popular among customers due to its functionality. It not only provides the best services to their users but also their products are cheap and affordable. You don’t have to worry about your expenses before buying it. As they offer their best facilities at the lowest price.

 Arthritis Pain Relief Massager

It gives you a feeling of satisfaction. This massager soothes your fingers just like they deserve it. It can cure tingling, chronic arthritis pain, and palm stiffness. It reduces finger stiffness and helps improves relaxation and mobility.

It is a quite popular product among musicians, athletes, tennis players, gymnasts because their work involves a lot of hand movement and hand strength,

It is a portable device you can easily carry it in your car, purse, or bag, and you can use it whenever you want. It is great to stimulate blood circulation and works specifically on acupuncture points providing you much-needed relief.

It can play a great role in reducing tendon pain, numbness in fingers, and can restore joint functionality.

The magnet at the center rotates all over and can be used at any part of the body. It can be used to relieve pain and rejuvenate anti-age massage. Double wheels and magnets are used on writs to provide a soothing effect. You can purchase this hand massager with full confidence and you will be 100% satisfied.


  • Magnets and double wheels to provide a soothing effect.
  • It is portable, so you can take it anywhere.
  • Cures tingling and can be used as an anti-aging massage
  • Magnets move 360 degrees and provide relief to any part of the body.
  • Elegant designs
  • Comfortable to carry it
  • Affordable to buy
  • Provides anti-aging massage
  • Double wheels and magnets to provide relief.
  • Intensities can’t be adjusted.

PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager

If you want a hot compressed massage you are in the right place as this hand massager is the best in town. It is provided with detailed buttons so that users can operate it conveniently. It gives massage to fingers, palm, joints taking care of everything.

It is considered best to cure carpal tunnel syndrome and finger numbness. The built-in air pressure inflates and deflates giving soothing air pressure massage that is admired by all users worldwide.

It is provided with two pressure modes and three levels for a massage so you can choose any level you want. The levels are given colors like blue, green, and red depicting mild to heavy massage as per your need.

Soothing heat massage gives your hands perfect hydration and warmth. This kind of massage is very useful for preventing and curing dryness of hands. It gives gentle heat therapy to the user and treats the soreness of muscles in very little time.

Within 20 minutes it starts showing results. You will start feeling soothing effect and relief and quite a relaxing effect on your hands.

It also helps to improve the circulation of blood in your hands. You can adjust all the settings by selecting two pressure modes and three massage levels.

It is also a portable product. The lithium battery used in this massager works like magic. There is no need to replace the battery and it can be easily charged. You can carry this hand massager for arthritis in your bag anywhere you want.

When you start massaging, it is usually advised to start from the lowest level. Once you have adjusted to the massager and you think that you can handle high speed then shift it to a heavy level.

It is quite in its working, you can easily use it if you are using a massager in a dark and quiet place. It is not at all noisy as compared to other massagers available in the market.


  • It is portable and light in weight.
  • It has 3 massaging levels and 2 pressure modes
  • It has a strong lithium battery that is irreplaceable
  • It gives hot compressed massage as well as air pressure massage.
  • It has a 2-year warranty.
  • It is easy to carry
  • Safe to use
  • It is not noisy
  • It has different intensities and level
  • Gives the best warm air massage at an affordable price.
  • Sometimes lithium-ion battery interrupts its function

Linux Cordless Electric Hand Massager

If you are looking for any hand massager less than $ 200 Linux massager will be your best choice. It is an electrical massager that gives amazing results. Its reviews are excellent; people love the warm air massages given by this handheld massager.

  Linux Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Its captivating and alluring designs make it even more appealing. It doesn’t use traditional massage methods that involve rolling. Instead of those old methods, this hand massager uses LX3 air compressed technology.

It provides pressure to palm and fingers giving a soothing and relaxing effect. You can use a 5V plug to charge its battery. If there is no red light while charging it is a sign that you are using a plug of high voltage.

No red light while charging the battery, can also be a sign that USB is not properly inserted into the plug.

Air pressure deflates after a few seconds so that any sort of injury can be avoided. And only those parts of the hands are targeted that need maximum pressure.

Many other massagers hurt your hand while applying pressure but this is not going to happen with this product, as it adjusts its level quite easily.

It’s up to you what sort of massage you want and what level you prefer.  it gives the warmth of 104°F that soothes your hand and gently improve your blood circulation.

Its vibration helps you feel closest to a real-life massage done at salons. It is affordable and pocket friendly. The company offers several sales on this product so you can easily buy it without any worries. It has another technology that switches it off after 5-15 minutes to avoid overheating.


  • Best air compression massage
  • Sleek and elegant designs
  • LX3 air compressed technology
  • Strong and long-lasting battery
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Offer coverage to fingers, palms, and wrists
  • Provides the right level of warmth
  • High-quality massage
  • It mainly focuses on the palm and wrists and does not go well with fingers

HoMove Compression Acupressure Hand Reflexology Massager

It is also one of the best products in the market that are mostly used by people all around the world. It has a unique and elegant design that is admired by users very much.

 HoMove Compression Acupressure Hand Reflexology Massager

It is a combination of various massages like finger rolling, air compressed massage, heating technology massages, it is the best product to use with your hand it gives a soothing effect as it has relaxing rhythms.

It specifically targets acupuncture points to relieve pain and muscle soreness. This acupuncture therapy helps to accelerate blood circulation in your hands making this handheld massager best for users.

it has several intensity selections. You can adjust the level according to your comfort level. If you want a mild massage you select that option and if you want a heavy massage you can elevate the level easily.

It is provided with two rollers integrated or finger mode is the regular rotation level. But if you press the 2nd button you can have a higher level of massages as well. For first time users, level one is recommended

All these amazing features are present in this single device, so if you have any of these problems you should buy Other amazing features make this hand massager the best. It is provided with 5 groups of airbags, 3 amazing sets of air valves that work like wonders. 360-degree swing and comprehensive massaging.

It is very simple to use just put the palm or fingers to the edge of the massager and it will start doing its job with full perfection. Air pressure is safe to use for massage and it lasts for a few minutes. Air pressure just keeps circulation runs smoothly.

Heat therapy provides comforting warm massage to your fingers and palm. It reduces hand fatigue, numbness, and soreness of hand muscles and removes discomfort very easily.

The company provides a 1-year warranty. If you find any problem related to massager you can contact them any time, and they will help you out.


  • 5 group airbags, 360 angles, and 3 sets of air valves
  • Air pressure massage
  • Number of levels
  • Provided with two rollers

Electric Hand Massager

Sometimes it becomes difficult for customers to search for any massager that provides pressure and heat compression at the same time at an affordable rate. So if you are looking for any electric hand massager that uses air pressure and heat compression technologies you should go for this amazing product.

  Electric Hand Massager

It is available in several designs and colors. It is the best stress reliever one can ask. This electric hand massager is available with three modes and three different intensities.

The intensities are named health care, soothing, and vitality mode respectively according to your demand. You can pick any of the intensities and can enjoy the results.

It can be used by elderly people or young people working in offices. It is designed to work just according to the needs of users. Each level releases pressure and stress out of your body leaving you to stress-free and active.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one, then this will be the right choice as it is an innovative life-changing device that gives you comfort at an affordable cost.

Its heat compression massage is best for elderly people. Soreness in finger muscles, numbness, and other problems can be solved by using it.

It has a black and red outer covering that looks astonishing and stylish. It has a large HD screen with a touch panel, there are few buttons as well. It is easy to control and it can soothe your fingers and hands and can relieve you from cramps and pain.


  • Elegant designs, advanced technologies
  • Heat compression
  • Air pressure technology
  • Variety of intensities
  • Suitable for elderly people as well as for young people
  • Affordable
  • Amazing designs
  • User friendly
  • Noise-free to use in quiet places.
  • Sometimes air compression massage does not work well.
  • The battery takes some time to start when the start button is pressed.

Roleo Hand Massager

People suffering from chronic arthritis badly need a massager that works on deep tissues and gives ultimate comfort. This handheld massager is the best one in this regard. It can help you fight your arthritis and it can deal with all kind of wrists pain and hand issues

   Roleo Hand Massager

If you are a patient of arthritis you must be living with a lot of pain for a long time. It’s time to give your hands the soothing effect and comfort it deserves. Because this roleo hand massager can give you trusted hand massage and carpal tunnel massage as well.

The interesting thing about this massager is that it can be used for several massages like a foot massage, roller massage, arm roller, deep tissue massage, wrist roller, and much more.

this hand massager as it works with full power

It has many intensities and powers you can select the intensity you are looking for. In case you want a mild massage you can have it at low speed and if you are in extreme pain you can go for the heavy massage.

Routine massages and salon payments can disturb your budget. This massager will give you relief at your work desk or home. You can carry it anywhere. You can use it whenever you are free and there is no need to make appointments as in the case of salons.

If you want the message to your one hand without tiring the other hand, then you are in luck because this hand massager has a detachable suction cups that can adjust your position. This is the best handheld massager for arthritis.


  • Available with suction cups for your ease.
  • Portable
  • Air compression technique
  • For deep tissue massage, wrists massage, and roller massage.
  • You can use it for one hand without tiring the other hand.
  • Alluring designs
  • Touch control panel for easy use
  • Offers a variety of massages.
  • It is a little bit expensive.

  Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy massager

It is one of the best finger massagers in town. If you are short on budget and you want to buy a hand massager you are in the right place because Gaiam restores hand massager is amazingly cheap and affordable.

It has two massage options. It is dual-sided and has an easy-grip to give you full comfort. It enhances the blood circulation of your hands and fingers. It gives you relief from arthritis and stiffness of joints.

It is provided with two rollers that give the desired pressure to your fingers individually resulting in the stimulated blood circulation of your fingers and hands.

It also offers massage in specific areas and relieves the pain of your joints. It is specially designed to apply pressure on certain acupuncture points. So it does not apply unnecessary pressure to any other part. It is the best hand massager for arthritis hands.

It offers adjustable vibrations and warming massages that target the pinpoints and gives relief to your hand. It has a unique feature that it automatically stops after 20 minutes to give you a little bit of relief from vibration and massaging.

Nobody wants a device that is difficult to clean and also complex to use. Gaiam restore hand massager is designed in such a way that it delivers 100% results in no time and also it is easy to use and easy to clean later on.

Safety is the most important thing. You can’t use any unsafe device. However, this device is completely safe to use as it is designed with all the protective measures.

Every hand massager now a day is portable but the important thing to consider here is that it should be light in weight as well so that you don’t think before carrying it in your bag.

It is provided with an exercise guide and how to use videos that will help you use it with greater ease.


  • Specifically targets acupuncture points
  • Provided with 2 rollers
  • Dual-sided
  • Easy-grip
  • Amazingly affordable
  • Easy to use and durable.
  • Gives massage all over the hand.
  • There are 3 levels and each level works on a different part of the hand.
  • Antibacterial dot-matrix gives protection from bacteria.
  • The lithium battery is unbreakable and rechargeable.
  • Air pressure is sometimes harsh, especially for delicate women’s hands.
  • It does not have full hand coverage you need to adjust.

Comfier Wireless Hand Massager

This hand massager is designed specifically to soothe your pain and to give you relaxing hands and fingers. Its built-in battery is powerful and strong and is specially designed to compress air and give warm massage to your hands.

  Comfier Wireless Hand Massager

It pampers every part of your hand just as you desire. It soothes the knots and effectively relieves all the pain caused by carpal tunnel disease.

If you are suffering from arthritis or finger numbness you can use this hand massager without any ambiguity as it is highly recommended by users.

Comfier wireless hand massager provides air pressure inflation and deflation on your hands with three different pressure modes and intensities. It is designed so that it runs smoothly starting from palm to fingers. Gently curing the pain and making you feel refreshed. It is one of the best hand and wrists massager for arthritis.

Comfier hand warmer massage works with heat compression that provides your hand the warms it needs. It gives the right amount of warmth and pressure that is required during the massage.

It improves blood circulation all over your hand and soothes the muscle soreness and stiffness of fingers.

Its three-mode function helps you adjust the kind of massage you want depending on your need.

If you want a relaxing massage with less intensity you can choose it. But if you want to focus on any specific part of the hand to massage the acupuncture points you can easily go for it.

It is available in a variety of designs and colors with easy grip and strong battery.

As it is wireless and portable you can have your massage anywhere you want at any time. It has a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and is also provided with a USB cord. It is not heavy and easy to carry.

It is an ideal gift choice as it gives a refreshing feeling to your hand and fingers. Also, they have a policy that if you didn’t like the product you can return it within 30 days.


  • It is wireless and compact you can carry it anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • The built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Available in several designs.
  • Works in no time
  • It gives relaxing massage to hand and wrists
  • Portable
  • It has on and off heat options
  • Provided with a guide book
  • It causes pain sometimes
  • It’s not good for thumb massages

CERBIOR Rechargeable Shiatsu Hand Massager

 If you have stiffness in your fingers and you are suffering from arthritis, then here is your chance to get rid of your pain. CERBIOR rechargeable hand massager works best for arthritis patients. it has an excellent heat therapy apparatus that gives the right amount of heat and vibration to your hands.

  CERBIOR Rechargeable Shiatsu Hand Massager

Specially designed dimples help you provide the right level of pressure just according to your demands. It has two levels of pressure; you have to select what kind of pressure massage you want.

It is a cordless electric hand massager that can provide temperature up to 104 degrees that provides comfort and gentle hand massage to your hands. Heat and pressure along with vibration help you improve the circulation of blood in your hand and you feel relaxed.

All the discomfort, soreness, and muscle pain are gone in no time. It immediately starts to work as soon as it is started. It is a popular choice among arthritis patients.

It has 6 levels of strong vibrations that relieve knots of hands and comfort is guaranteed. It can be turn off and on in no time. Those who use mouse for a long time can benefit from this amazing product as it works on acupuncture points a provides relief.

It is an amazing product if you have swollen fingers, lower blood circulation in hands, and hand fatigue. Even you can sue it over your entire body. It can work straight for 3 hours without charging.

A cordless battery is super light in weight and you easily carry it with yourself. its charging takes only 15 minutes and then you can use it for 3 hours. Battery timing is on point. It is provided with a plug as well.  It is the best self-hand massager for arthritis.


  • 6 levels of vibrations
  • Air compression massage
  • Excellent for arthritis
  • Can provide temperature up to 104 degrees
  • Easy to use
  • Fits in hands easily
  • Portable
  • Battery timing is amazing
  • Good for pain, hand numbness, and swelling.
  • Gloves that are provided along with the machine are too small to wear.


So this was all about handheld massager for arthritis. Hand massager is a valuable asset for people suffering from arthritis. It is indeed a convenient way to provide comfort to your hands and it gives you relief from booking appointments of salons.

You can easily start your message anywhere you want. These are light in weight, easy to carry, and can give you a soothing effect in no time.

You probably already know the benefits of having a handheld massager with you. But you must be wondering where to buy it, and which one will be the most appropriate.  We hope that after reading this article you can have no ambiguity about finding the perfect hand massager for your arthritis.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is handheld massager good for arthritis?

Yes, indeed it is a good option to use as the person suffering from arthritis has a weak grip of things and this massager strengthens your hand. Provides comfort and relieves from pain. This is what all arthritis patients desire.

Can arthritis become worse with a massage?

No, if we use it relatively it is a good option. But if we use it excessively then it can lead to some bad effects as well.

Is it safe to use a handheld massager during pregnancy?

It is safe to use a massager during pregnancy as it relieves pain and improves mental health as well. But you can consult your doctor before using it. So that any problem can be avoided.

What is preferable for arthritis heat or ice?

Heat therapy works like magic for arthritis and it is indeed a better option s compared to ice. These massagers are designed with heat therapy technologies that provide comfort to your hands in the best possible way.

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